Learning More About the Silicon Valley Alphas

Eta Sigma Lambda

Our children, especially our young African-American boys, continue to need encouragement, guidance and support as they try to navigate the challenges of growing up and transitioning from the High Chair to Higher Education and/or Career Readiness.

Our young college men face critical personal life choices, educational, career and professional choices which can significantly affect their health, well-being and livelihood and those around them for years to come. We need to guide and support them to reach their full potential and contribute to society; and challenge and guide them to ‘give back’ to those who come after them, by being role-models and setting the example ourselves.

So, the presence of ESL – the Silicon Valley Alphas — will continue to be felt in challenged areas of our community and the “light” of Alpha Phi Alpha will continue to shine as a beacon of hope and enlightenment. This website is one vehicle to communicate and help facilitate the movement towards this mission.

And in doing all of this, ESL is determined to remain focused on the Alpha Phi Alpha values of honor, loyalty, and commitment:

  • Honor for those who have come before, those who are around us today, as well as those who are yet to come;
  • Loyalty to the true spirit of the Fraternity we revere and to sharing that Spirit and sense of fellowship and goodwill with others;
  • Continual demonstration of our commitment by thought, word, and deed to our Brothers, our Chapter, our Fraternity, the African-American Community and the Community-at-Large – with a particular focus on the well-being and positive development of young Black Men.

This is what the Silicon Valley Alphas are about. This is what Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. is about. We look forward to working with you constructively towards the betterment of the community. And if you are a fraternity Brother, we especially hope that you will find valuable information here regarding the latest programs and activities related to our chapter, and we look forward to your continuing participation in our fraternal spirit and mission.

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